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On this page, you will discover the 10 reasons why you should visit our website and what you can learn and do on our website. 

1. Download Our 3 Exclusive E-books

Download our three insightful ebooks penned by our founders:

A: “Unlocking Financial Freedom – A Comprehensive Guide to Indexed Universal Life Insurance”

B: “Obtaining Security – Your Guide to Term Life Insurance with Living Benefits”

C: “Annuities Unveiled: A Comprehensive Guide to Financial Stability”

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2. Eye Opening, On Demand, Webinar Series

Join our informative 3-part webinar series on EasyFinancialPlan.com for a deeper dive into essential financial education. We believe financial education should be mandatory high school or college education courses.

In the first part, you will learn about some concepts on the basics of finance and what are the reasons to protect your loved ones with a term life insurance with living benefits.

In the second part of our webinar series, we will explain how you can build a tax-free retirement with an Index Universal Life Insurance through virtual zero percent loan withdrawals that are not being taxed. You will also learn how your cash value growth is protected against a market downturn with a floor rate.

In the third part, you will learn about Annuities and how you can protect your money growth against market downturn and how you can roll your other investments into annuities to protect your money in the retirement years.

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3. Get Access To A Dynamic Financial Software

Explore a cutting-edge third – party software on EasyFinancialPlan.com, designed to illustrate the trajectory of your money over time. Compare 401k, IRA’s, or any other qualified plan against an Index Universal Insurance plan for a comprehensive visual understanding of what an Index Universal Life insurance can do for you. We will do an Illustration for an IUL based on your plans. In the Illustration, which is basically a potential contract between you and the insurance company, the insurance company will make some predictions on the growth of your money and the fees will be laid out. We will scan the Illustration into the software and the software will create some visuals about what will happen with your money, idf you put the same money in some other investments. We don’t call an Index Universal Life insurance an investment. We call it growing your money alongside a life insurance. We would like to hear from you if you would consider this to be the first reason to visit EasyFinancialPlan.com

Click here to learn more about this software.

4. Getting Illustrations For Both Annuities and Index Universal Life Insurance

If you are curious and serious about getting an annuity or an Index Universal Life Insurance the best thing for you is to get an illustration that will reveal to you what to expect from these products, black on white. They will be based on the amount of money and the time that you can put into them. Also, you can tell us what your goals are and the software will tell us what you need to do to achieve that goal. 

Click here to get the details on how you can get illustrations for Annuities or Index Universal Life Insurance 

6. Do You Have Living Benefits With Your Life Insurance?

Look at your Life Insurance Policy. If you don’t have Living Benefits, I will be very blunt with you, you are not covered the right way. With the rate of debilitating illnesses on the rise  and the fact that they start affecting people earlier and earlier in life, it’s a no brainer to get Living Benefits with your Life Insurance. We explain this in detail in our website.

Click here to learn why you need to have Living Benefits Life Insurance 

Also, there are more and more insurance companies that will do a Non Medical Exam Insurance policy up to a million dollars coverage if your medical history is decent. On our website we can quote you just by filling out a form and if you want to get it and pass the medical underwriting, it is as simple as signing out an online doc and making the payment. 

Click here to fill out a simple form to sign up for No Medical Exam Life Insurance

7. Learn About Annuities

On Easyfinancialplan.com you will learn about the different types of annuities and the right way to use them for retirement. In retirement you can’t afford to lose money that you have in different investments. You have to be conservative or you might have to go back to work in order to maintain your lifestyle. With a rollover into an annuity, you can have your money protected and still have a return either in a fixed annuity or an index-based annuity that will protect your cash value by a floor rate.  

Click here to learn about Annuities

8. Learn About Indexed Universal Life Insurance And What It Can Do For You And Your Loved Ones.

We have dedicated a long website page to Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL). This is one of the most misunderstood products in the insurance world. After you are done studying the information we provide in our website, you should know more than what 80% of insurance agents know about IUL’s and you will understand the advantages that IUL’s have over other products.  Than, seeing it illustrated in our third-party dynamic software with real numbers will really make you understand the power that an IUL will have over your savings. 

Click here to learn how an Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) works.

9. Learn How To Save For Your Children's Education

Discover a superior approach to saving for your children’s education on EasyFinancialPlan.com while gaining insights into the pitfalls of a 529 college savings plan.

Click here to learn how an IUL works to save for your children’s college education.

10. A New Strategy For Accelerated Mortgage Payoff

Explore a unique method to pay off your mortgage faster by visiting our website. We have a page dedicated to this. 

Click here to learn a new way to accelerate your mortgage payoff with an Index Universal Life Insurance.

We have created this website mostly for education but if you are in need of any of our services or products, we hope that you will trust us to provide a good service for you. Our promise to you is that we will not pester you with phone calls. If you have requested a quote or any information from us and then you “ghost us”, our policy for our agents is to stop trying to reach you after the third attempt. If you were just curious and not really interested, it is pointless for us to make you buy something that you don’t think is beneficial for you, right now. Whenever you are ready for one of our products, we hope that you will remember us. We will also ask for a referral though. Let your friends and family know about easyfinancialplan.com, please. We believe in the principle of what goes around, comes around.

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