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We provide a ton of FREE information on how to build a comfortable retirement nest and on how to create and protect generational wealth. If you are more of a visual learner we recommend to join our totally FREE one and a half hour webinar: How To Win At The Game Of Money !       
If you are looking for the stock tip that will transform your $1,000 into a million dollars in few short months, this website is not it. 
If you are looking into ways to save money for your retirement in a safe way, if you are looking to protect the money that you have saved already against a potential market crash, if you are looking to protect the future of your family, if you are looking to build generational wealth, come on in, I guarantee that you will learn something new and exciting … As exciting as financial education can be.
This website has a lot of information. If you are a visual learner or if you want to learn more than what you will learn reading this website, set aside about an hour and a half and join our webinar: “How To Win At The Game Of Money”

Learn to Create and Protect Generational Wealth

You will learn how to use different products and services to gain an advantage in building your financial future based on your Risk Tolerance. Your Risk Tolerance is the most important factor in choosing an investment product.
As an independent marketing company, HGI is able to bring together the best products and companies to deliver unparalleled financial solutions for its clients. 

Index Universal Life

If you want to have a Tax Free Retirement or want to guarantee a happy and worry free financial future for you and your children, check this out. This is the best tool for creating generational wealth.

Living Benefits

If you love your family, having a Term Life Insurance with Living Benefits is probably the smartest thing you can do to protect their future. See why here.

Top Active Money Manager

Would you like to have a top active manager look over your investments? HGI brought Wall Street to Main Street.


If you are looking forward to have an income while you enjoy your retirement years, you need to look into annuities

No Medical Life Insurance

If for any reason you can't or don't want to take a medical exam, get a Term Life Insurance without medical exam.

Online Estate Planning

Are you looking to get estate planning for a fraction of the cost you will normally pay for? Don't leave a mess behind you in case of an early demise. Have you designated who will take care of your children or how your estate will be shared?

Would You Take A $1000 Bet?

We bet you $1000 that we will save you money on your Merchant Services. This bet is good for a brick and mortar or online store. If you accept credit cards as payment for your business, you need to look at this.

Land Banking

Nobody makes land anymore. We can refer you to land or commercial real estate investments.

Credit Wellness

You will not find a better tool to improve your credit worthiness. With this tool you will be able to mix a variety of credit scenarios to achieve your credit goals. If you want to achieve a credit score by a certain date, this tool will tell you the exact steps you will need to take.

The FREE Webinars/Courses that we Provide as a Service to Our Community

Our  webinars and course are totally Free. We know that you,like us, are tired of the so called Free webinars and courses that will give you a little bit of information but you will need to buy their product or more know how to achieve your goal. Keep your credit card in your wallet. In our webinars we provide Free education only and lots and lots of it.  

Internet Traffic and Conversion Lab

Would you like to learn how the professional marketers attract thousands of visitors everyday to their website, no matter if they sell an actual service or a product? Also, would you like to learn how to convert these visitors into raving customers? Join this 12 hour course choke full of tips and tricks that successful internet marketers use. Click here.

Financial Education Webinar

First step in creating a better financial future for your family is to educate yourself.
In this webinar you will learn how you can have a happy retirement and how you can create generational wealth. You will learn the financial concepts we talk about in this website plus a lot more. Click here

Join Our Team Webinar

Would you like to learn how to become financial independent by teaching other people about financial strategies? Are you an introvert and don't like to sell? Your job is not to sell but to educate and the technology will do the work for you. Since your job will be to provide information, you will have a 100% closing rate.
Our team provides unparalleled training and support in financial and digital marketing services. Click here.

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