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On top of our highly rated Services we pride ourselves with the excellent free education not only in Finances but also in  Internet Marketing and Conversion

Even though our array of products and services is vast, we pride ourselves in providing, first and foremost, financial education for middle-class America. 

Financial education is not a subject that is being taught in our schools, even though it should be one of the required classes in high school and college. Most people are unprepared for their retirement and it should not be this way.

Also, working for somebody else, you are working for them to achieve their dreams. Becoming an entrepreneur is the way to become financially independent.

  If you sell your services or sell an actual product, you know that having a drove of clients and customers knocking at your doors is the first key to your success. Your doors can be actual doors or virtual doors to your website, We have created a FREE course that will teach you, or whoever is running your marketing department, how the pros are doing internet traffic that will attract a ton of traffic to your doors. Also attracting traffic is only half of the battle. This FREE course will also teach how to convert all of this traffic into loyal clients and customers. 

Financial Education

   Let’s start with our financial education. Building the American Dream can be achieved through entrepreneurship and smart savings and investments. Gone are the days when you would work for a big corporation for 35 years of your life and that corporation guaranteed you in return, a happy retirement. Same thing for paying into a government-sponsored program for your whole life and in return expect to be taken care of in your retirement years.

   If you are looking to achieve financial independence through smart savings and investments, first you have to learn how money actually works and then learn about the tools that rich people use to become rich. Join our hour and a half free webinar and I promise you will learn not only the basics of finance but what tools to use to achieve financial independence. 

You will also learn how to create generational wealth so that you will guarantee that your children and grandchildren will have no financial worries in their life. 

Join our webinar “How To Win At The Game Of Money”

Achieve the American Dream through Entrepreneurship

   According to a UPS Store survey, 66% of Americans are or would like to be small business owners. The percentage goes a lot higher when we are talking about people that want or need to have a side hustle in order to achieve financial independence.

   As you probably know, the biggest issue a small business is facing, is finding customers. 

   We have created a totally FREE course on how to attract a lot of traffic to your website and most importantly how to track and convert all of that traffic into real customers and clients. It doesn’t matter if you have an actual, physical product or you are providing a service. This course is worth over $2000 and is jam packed of internet marketing tips and tricks. We offer it for you totally FREE.

   This FREE course has over 10 hours of information about internet marketing and conversion. Sign up for it on our sister website: TrafficAndConversionLab.com

   If you are looking for a side business that can easily transform into a full-time successful business, join our team and market or sell all of the products and services we provide through HGI. In this business, you can choose to do only marketing and partner up with people from the team to take care of selling or choose to sell only and not worry about marketing. Choose whatever your strengths are and run with them. Of course you can do both, marketing and selling. Click here to learn more about it.

   As part of our team, on top of having access to the TrafficAndConversionLab.com , the FREE internet marketing and conversion course, you will have access to ongoing training in financial concepts and products, ongoing training in not only internet marketing and conversion but also on different offline marketing tactics that you can implement with a very low budget. You will also get a website just like this one and different marketing campaigns that you can use in different marketing channels. Click here to become a team member.

Products and Services

   If we are to categorize our services, there are 2 main categories, based on the type of money that you are looking to grow. 1. Lump Sum Money and 2. Monthly Contribution Money

   Then there are the products that will help you protect your wealth, protect you against a lawsuit, save you money as a business, help you with your credit, etc.

Lump Sum Money

Monthly Contribution Money

If you are looking to invest a lump sum of money, like a 401K rollover, or money in an account losing value due to inflation, there are the following products and services:

  1. We can refer you to one of the top active money managers in the country. You will participate in the market, but with an added layer of security, by having an active money manager looking over your investments. Click here.
  2. Put your money into an annuity with a guaranteed return or an annuity tied to an index, that is protected against market loss by a floor rate. Click here
  3. Invest in land or commercial property (a referral product). Click here

If you are looking to build your nest egg, through monthly contributions, there are the following products and services:

  1. Index Universal Life Insurance. If you want to have a tax free retirement or to build generational wealth, this is an incredible product. Click here
  2. Build an annuity through monthly contributions. Click here

Protect your family’s future, protect your wealth, improve your credit and save money on your merchant account.

  1. Protect your family’s future through inexpensive Term Life Insurance with Living Benefits. Click here 
  2. Protect your family’s future through No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance. Click here
  3. Protect your assets through Online Estate Planning at very low prices. Click here
  4. Save money on your Merchant Services. Take a $1000 Bet that we can save you money. Click here
  5.  If you are looking to improve your credit, you will need this tool. Click here

Hegemon Group International, LLC. (HGI) is a marketing company offering a vast array of products and services through a network of independent affiliates. HGI does not provide insurance products, real estate, legal or tax advice. In the USA, insurance products offered through Hegemon Financial Group, LLC (HFG); and in California, insurance products offered through Hegemon Insurance Solutions, LLC (California License #0I0198) – collectively HFG. HFG is licensed in all states and the District of Columbia, except Massachusetts. In Canada, insurance products offered through Hegemon Group International of Canada ULC in the provinces in which it is licensed.

Florin Chris Uta is an independent associate of HGI.

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