No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Life Insurance Meets Technology. If you don’t want a medical exam, now you can get Life Insurance just by answering some simple questions. 

Are You Ready For The Future of Term Life Insurance?

Just answer some simple questions and find out if you are approved for coverage within 24 to 48 hours. Sign your policy, Make a payment and you are covered. It is that simple.

No more needles, no more medical exam.

Living Benefits included.


   To get life insurance, most companies will require you to get a Medical Exam for a health underwriting process. The rules of the game, have just changed.

   Through technology, now you can get a Term Life Insurance within 24 to 48 hours. Through some basic questions about lifestyle and health, the underwriter will check your medical records from the Medical Information Bureau and so they can make an informed decision about your insurability.                     

   Right now, you can even get a Living Benefits Term Life Insurance policy through programs like these. This was unheard of, just few years ago. When insurance companies compete, you, the consumer, wins. 

What Next?

  To get a Living Benefits Term Life Insurance Policy within 24 to 48 hours, without a medical exam, start by filling out this form and you will receive a quote within 2 business days in your email. Your quote will come from one of the insurance agents that partnered with us.