Get Free Illustrations for Annuities or Index Universal Life Insurance

Are Curious And Serious About Getting An Annuity Or An Indexed Universal LIfe Insurance?

If you are really curious and serious about getting any of the above products to save money, in order to see how your money can work for you, we recommend getting an Illustration based on your plan of action. 

The more interactions we have with people the more we understand that people don’t know how an annuity can work for them and in special people don’t know how an Index Universal Life Insurance can work for them. 

Do you have a need to protect your savings or investments against market downturns? Do you still want to participate in the market but with a safety valve on. Are you close to retirement and you don’t want to be exposed to losses? Do you want to grow a cash value that can give you tax free payments through virtual tax free loans for the rest of your life? 



The Steps That We Recommend

First of all if you don’t undestand 100% how an annuity works click here to learn about it. 

If you don’t understand how an Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) works, click here to learn about it.

After you have read these 2 web pages, book an appointment with  one of our agents for a consultation. We will make sure that we understand how much money you can save per month, how much money you can contribute for the future financial stability of your family, how much money you have saved already and where you want to be in your financial race in a certain point in time. 

We can do this 2 ways: 

  1. You can tell us how much you can contribute and for how long and we will pull an Illustration that explains black and white what your money can do for you in that period.
  2. You can tell us where you want to be in your financial race in a period of time and an illustration will tell you what contributions you will need to make to be able to reach that goal.

Using A Third Party Dynamic Software to Visually Compare An IUL To Other Financial Tools

We have acquired a third party software to better explain to our customers the advantages or disadvantages of saving money in an IUL versus saving  money in a different saving program like a 401 K, IRA or other programs. 

After we create an Indexed Universal Life Insurance Illustration for you, we will scan the Illustration in this software and it will create for you a visual display that will explain to you what will hapen to your cash value if you would save the same money in different financial tools. All we can tell you is that the experience is eye opening. Try it for yourself. We offer it Free of charge. If this will not entice you to let yor money work for you, then we don’t know what will make you do that. 

What Exactly Is An Illustration?

The insurance companies when we request a quote for an annuity or for an Index Universal Life insurance, will give us a quote on a lot of pages to make sure that it explains everything that the policy will cover. This is an Illustration. Our agents will send the Illustration to you and then will have a phone consultation with you to explain the Illustration to you. They will point to certain pages in the Illustration to explain what certain numbers mean and what you need to do to have a different outcome. 

With insurance companies, there are no negotiations though. All you can do is increase or decrease the amount of money that you can contribute. Otherwise, you can take it or leave it. 

Getting an Illustration alone will not obligate you to anything. As we said, getting an Illustration is just for you to see how an insurance company can make your money work for you. 

If You Are Curious And Serious ... Come Get An Illustration Done For You.

For a free 1/2 hour consultation or to request several illustrations based on your situation, go to bookings.



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