Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster With An IUL

Discover an Exciting and Revolutionary Approach to Accelerate Mortgage Payoff by 50%, while Simultaneously Building a Robust Retirement Fund and Securing a Generous Death Benefit Legacy.

  Are you intrigued by the prospect of paying off your mortgage in a fraction of the time? Imagine having the opportunity to reduce your mortgage duration by more than 50%, unlocking newfound financial freedom sooner than you ever thought possible

  But that’s not all – using an IUL in a smart way, offers much more than just mortgage acceleration. It empowers you to cultivate a substantial retirement nest egg, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free future. Additionally, you can also create a significant death benefit that can be passed down to your loved ones, providing financial security and peace of mind for generations to come.

If you have not seen how an Index Universal Life insurance (IUL) works, click here first and then come back to this article


Using IUL to Accelerate Your Mortgage Payoff

   Congratulations on your recent home purchase! Your mortgage would typically take 360 months to pay off, if you make regular monthly payments. However, everyone knows that making extra payments towards your mortgage can significantly reduce the repayment timeline.

   We will show you a different route to accelerate your mortgage payoff by using an IUL. 


   By using an IUL, you can also save for retirement and have your life insurance premiums taken care of. Suppose you haven’t saved any additional funds apart from the down payment for your home, and you’re relatively young. The earlier you start with this strategy, the better it will work for you. Generally, an IUL requires a minimum of 12 to 15 years of consistent saving to work very well for you, unless you plan to make substantial contributions to the policy.


Withdraw Money as a 0% Loan


   Instead of making extra payments towards your mortgage, you will direct those funds towards an IUL. If you have additional savings, you can contribute that money to the IUL as well. As you’re relatively young, only a small portion of your payments will go towards the life insurance component of the IUL policy, while the majority will contribute to the cash value. The power of compounding interest will help the cash value grow exponentially.

After saving for 12 to 15 years, you can take a 0% loan from the accumulated cash value and pay off your mortgage. Importantly, this loan doesn’t affect the cash value. The Cash Value will continue to grow for your retirement. The loan only needs to be repaid upon your passing, and the repayment will come from the death benefit.


   Once you understand the power of compound interest and how much the cash value will continue to grow into your IUL account, for your retirement, you will kick yourself for not signing up for an IUL earlier. This is the magic of an IUL. 

Your Account Is Protected Against Market Crashes


   One of the advantages of an IUL is that the cash value account is relatively secure, even during major market crashes. This security stems from the guaranteed floor rate of 0%. Additionally, historical data from the past 20 years indicates that the average return of the S&P index has outperformed most mortgage interest rates. Although this rate isn’t guaranteed, historical trends show promising results.


   Considering this, where would you prefer to allocate your money? Towards paying off a low-interest mortgage loan or into an investment that historically yields higher compound interest? Not only does the IUL protect your investment from market crashes, but it also continues to grow with compound interest.


Added Protection Against Really Dark Days When You Can't Make Your Mortgage Payments Anymore.

   Now, let’s explore another scenario. Imagine you’re eight years into your 30-year mortgage, and unforeseen circumstances like a job loss, or sickness have caused you to fall behind on your payments, leading to a potential foreclosure. Even if you’ve made extra payments towards the principal amount, like some financial gurus have taught you, the mortgage company typically won’t consider the extra payments when initiating foreclosure proceedings. In such a situation, you would need to bring liquid funds to the table to halt the foreclosure process.

   Let’s say your savings are primarily held in a tax-deferred account like a 401(k). Your only option would be to withdraw money from your 401(k). However, if you’re below the age of 59 ½, you’ll be subject to a 10% tax penalty on top of regular income tax, significantly depleting your retirement nest egg. 

   Are you concerned about unforeseen circumstances in the future, such as illness or job loss, which could jeopardize your ability to make mortgage payments and potentially lead to home loss? Right now everything is nice and dandy, you are healthy and you bring home a pretty good salary but do you know anybody else that life threw a curved ball at them?They though exactly like you and they got caught unprepared. 

   With an IUL in place, you can obtain a 0% loan against the cash value in your account to pay the bank to bring your mortgage current. The remaining balance in your IUL’s cash value will remain intact and continue to grow while simultaneously bringing your mortgage payments up to date.

Can You See the Power of an IUL policy?

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