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How To Win At The Game Of Money

Most people finish a college degree without taking one real financial education class. This is one of the most important areas in somebody’s life, yet most people don’t take the time to learn more about how to become wealthy, how to save money for a happy and worry-free retirement, how to create generational wealth, and how to protect your family’s future. 

We have created this website and this webinar to provide financial education first and foremost. 

I know that most people would rather spend between 2 to 4 hours in front of the TV every evening, watching mind-numbing shows and movies, but if you ask them to spend an hour and a half to learn financial principles that can help and protect the future of their families, they would rather sit in a dentist’s chair. I have been there too, but since I have learned How To Win At The Game Of Money, I have made it my mission to go out there and show it to as many people as I can.

Put Distractions Away And Let's Get Started

  This webinar will take about an hour and a half. 

   We suggest you turn off the TV, put your phones away, grab your significant other ( I know he/she is reluctant), grab pen and paper, and be ready to learn. I can guarantee that 99% of people will learn something new.

   Our only goal in this webinar is to educate. We want to make you understand how money works and what tools to use to grow your money faster and in a safer way.

What will you learn in this webinar?

We will start with the basics. In the first 15 minutes you will learn about the basics of finance:

Rule Of 72

Compounding Effect Of Time

The Difference Of Being Rich vs Being Wealthy

What Is The Wealth Formula?

Rate Of Return vs Real Rate Of Return

Type Of Risks

The Difference Between Index Returns vs Market Returns In The Recent History   

Then we will move into the tools that rich people are using to protect first and then to grow their financial future:

Why Should You Have Living Benefits And How Come Not Everybody Has Them?

How To Calculate If You Have Enough Life Insurance To Guarantee Your Family’s Future Finances?

The Different Type Of Investments Vehicles And Their Differences

What Is the Order In Which I Should Save Money?

What Is An Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

Why Should I Save In An Index Universal Life Insurance And Not A 401K Or Other Qualified Plan?

Why Index Universal Life Insurance And Not A 529 College Savings Plan?

What Is the Best Gift I Or The Grandparents Can Give To A Baby Or A Child?

Why is Index Universal Life Insurance Misunderstood?

What Is The Safest Way To Save Money For Retirement? Why Annuities?

Types Of Annuities.

If You Already Have Money Saved In A Qualified Plan But Are Unsure About the Stability Of The Market What Should You Do?

If We Can Show You How To Turn Your Tax Liability Into A Working Asset, Would You be Interested To Hear About it?

Knowledge Is Not Power. Applied Knowledge Is Power.  What Next? Financial Needs Analysis.

Do You Have Wills And Trusts? Why Do You Need Them? Where Can You Get Them For A Fraction of The Regular Price?

The Best Thing That A Measly $1 A Day Can Buy For Your Peace of Mind!!!

Are You Planning To Make A Major Purchase In The Next 6 Months? Let Me Show You The Best Tool That You Can Use To Increase Your Credit Score

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