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How To Win At The Game Of Money

We have created this website and this webinar to provide financial education first and foremost. 

In today’s world, many individuals complete their college degrees without ever receiving proper financial education. Not even one class on financial education. Yet, understanding the principles of wealth creation, securing a worry-free retirement, building generational wealth, and protecting your family’s future are crucial aspects of life. At and through our webinar, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive financial education.

We recognize that in our leisure time, we often choose to spend hours in front of the TV, watching mind numbing shows and movies. However, when we have the opportunity to spend just an hour and a half learning financial principles that can safeguard and enhance our families’ future, many prefer sitting in a dentist’s chair. I’ve been in that position too. However, after uncovering the secrets that the middle-income Americans use to achieve wealth, I’ve made it my mission to share this knowledge with as many people as possible.

During this webinar, we promise not to sell you anything. Instead, our primary objective is to equip you with a profound understanding of the financial game and the tools necessary to triumph in your own financial journey. We anticipate that you’ll have numerous questions by the end of the webinar. We encourage you to ask them during the webinar. We might not be able to answer them right away, but we will do our best to answer them through email within one business day. 

Your answers will be sent to your email, so make double sure that you write down the correct email address. 

Let's Eliminate Distractions and Dive In

 This webinar is designed to last approximately an hour and a half. 

   We kindly suggest that you turn off your TV, set your phones aside, and if possible, invite your significant other to join you (even if they may be hesitant). Grab a pen and paper, and be ready to learn the principles of finance and your retirement options. I can guarantee you that 90% of participants will walk away with new information.


   In this webinar, our sole objective is to educate. We want to ensure that you understand how money functions and provide you with the tools necessary to accelerate your financial growth while minimizing risk.


What will you learn in this webinar?

We will start with the basics. In the first 15 minutes you will learn about the basics of finance:

The Rule Of 72

Understanding The Compounding Effect Over Time

Distinguish Between Being Rich Vs Being Wealthy

Unveiling The Wealth Formula?

Understanding The Difference Between Rate Of Return vs Real Rate Of Return

Exploring Various Types Of Risks

The Difference Between Index Returns vs Market Returns In Recent History   

Then we will move into the tools that rich people are using to protect first and then to grow their financial future:

Why Should You Have Living Benefits And How Come Not Everybody Has Them?

How To Calculate If You Have Enough Life Insurance To Guarantee Your Family’s Future Finances?

Exploring Different Types Of Investment Vehicles And Their Differences

Establishing The Optimal Order For Saving Money? 

What Is An Index Universal Life Insurance?

The differences Between An Index Universal Life Insurance And A 401K Or Other Qualified Plan?

Universal Life Insurance Or A 529 College Savings Plan?

The Most Valuable Gift from Parents or Grandparents to a Baby or Child

Clearing up Misconceptions about Index Universal Life Insurance

The Safest Approach to Retirement Savings: Annuities

An Overview of Annuity Types

Strategies for Dealing with Market Instability if You Already Have Savings in a Qualified Plan

Knowledge Is Not Power. Applied Knowledge Is Power.  What Next? Financial Needs Analysis.

Where Can I Find Money To Save? My Budget Is Already Pretty Tight.

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