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Did you know that Aretha Franklin, Prince and a lot of other famous people died without a will? Their heirs have been in legal battles for years after they passed away.  The winners are the attorneys.  Do you want your family to be fighting over your legacy?

Did you know that over 60% of Americans do not have a Will? Also, 90% do not have an up to date, comprehensive estate plan. Do you want a judge to make the important decisions for your family, or would you rather have documents that can’t be challenged. Important decisions relating to how your assets are distributed, who will serve as guardian for your minor children, and who might make health care decisions if you cannot, could be decided by a judge, without an estate plan.

You might not have the tens of millions that all of these famous people had but do you want to leave a mess behind when you will pass away?

Even worst, if you have small children and a freak accident were to happen to both of you, the parents, what will happen to the children? Do you want the state to decide who will take care of your children?

Let’s say that your kid is off to college, he or she is over 18, you get a call that your kid is injured but because you don’t have the right documents filed with the college, they can’t provide any information to you. Same case for grades or attendance.

The price for an attorney to draw a will, a trust, and other forms is usually over $2500. Our network of attorneys has several packages that range from $99 to $750. You will have all of these forms drawn up for you and you will get a portal with access to all of your forms.

This is a revolutionary platform that helps customers quickly and affordably create their estate plans, using expert technology awarded by the American Bar Association for innovation.

Here are the packages they offer. To get more information or to get any of these packages, click here

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