Business Opportunity Presentation

If you are looking for avenues on how to become financially independent, sign up for this presentation. 

If you want to learn how a lot of people become financially independent by becoming a financial educator with HGI, working the business full or part-time, sign up for this 30 minutes webinar. 

Now, more than ever, the financial industry workforce is getting close to retirement and there is a tremendous need for financial educators. 

Also, right now, the biggest transfer of wealth is happening with over 10,000 people a day reaching the retirement age.

Learning how to use technology to reach potential customers that are hungry for financial education is our specialty. 

What will you learn?

  1. The need that every generation has when it comes to financial education and financial products.
  2. The growing need, for people like you and me, that can teach and advise about financial products.
  3. The concept of what is needed these days to become financially independent and what results you need each month to get there.
  4. A brief overview of each product that HGI provides.
  5. The commission structure. 
  6. The training that you will receive once you become a part of our team. You will receive financial education and marketing education. In HGI, only members of our team receive special marketing training and a website like this one that you can have it customized and you can market on your own.
  7. What requirements are needed to be able to market and sell HGi products.
  8. The low fee and other costs associated with this business opportunity. Hint: the only way I can make money is if I help you be successful, I don’t make one red cent when you join but when me and the members of my team have results.

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